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L’Association Historique pour les études sur Jeanne d\'Arc est une organisation à but non lucratif 501(c)(3) instituée pour la publication et l\'encouragement des études érudites sur Jeanne d\'Arc et d\'autres sujets historiques relatés.

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(Traduction français par Catherine Hénon et Chris Snidow)

Items of Note:

05-09-06 - Publication of
"Primary Sources and Context Concerning Joan of Arc's Male Clothing"
ISBN: 1600530478 (Online); ISBN: 1600530486 (Print).

03-01-06 - Publication of
"Royal Financial Records Concerning Payments for Twenty-Seven Contingents in the Portion of Joan of Arc's Army Which Arrived At Orléans on 4 May 1429"
ISBN: 1600530451.

09-21-05 - Stephen W. Richey joined the Academy. Mr. Richey is an army officer and author of the book, "Joan of Arc: The Warrior Saint".

08-24-05 - Mr. Robert Wirth was elected President of the Academy by a vote of the membership.

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